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Can it be that the couple who had the Best Reunion in 1997 could play host to 1998's Non-Event Nuptials of the Year? Yup. And if we wanted to throw something (rice? rocks? etiquette books?) at the on-again, off-again Brandon and Kelly for not going through with the "I do's," their feeble, at-the-altar excuse of "We're not ready" didn't help matters. Not ready? Brandon proposed twice! And Kelly secretly kept his engagement ring for three years.

And what about the guests? Where were Brenda, Dylan, Andrea and the other noticeably absent faces? Not that they missed anything. Speaking of guests, those in attendance - including the groom's parents, who trekked all the way from Hong Kong - partied hearty, seemingly unperturbed by the shocking turn of events. Bottom line: While we'd never recommend marriage to a couple who aren't ready, the next time 90210 takes us all the way to the altar, save us the pomp and circumstance - and dashed expectations.
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