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On paper, this story works. Ambitious blonde comes to town, snags a modeling gig and falls for the cute photographer. She's got lots of secrets, including an abusive ex-boyfriend, a mysterious man who she visits in prison and a sister in town who looks nothing like her.

But somehow, the promise of the page hasn't played out on the small screen. First of all, we don't even know Nicole, so why should we care about her past and how it threatens her relationship with Eric? Speaking of which, what exactly is her relationship with Eric? They frolicked once on Venice Beach, and have barely had a romantic moment since because she's so busy keeping her past in the past. To make matters worse, the characters don't click because the actors don't. Saying you like someone is a line from a script; we need to see it.

Here's an idea: Bring back Madison, the runaway played by country-music star LeAnn Rimes. She had more chemistry with Jensen Ackles (Eric) in one day than he's had with Arianne Zuker (Nicole) in the past six months. At least with Madison around, Eric would have a chance of making beautiful music with someone.
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