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Sarah and Bailey were picture-perfect sweethearts, but they seemed doomed when Bailey cheated on her. Then, adding injury to insult, he nearly killed Sarah in a drunk-driving accident, leaving any hopes of reuniting...well...shattered.

Surprisingly, these two have managed to overcome their woes and have helped each other through the oh-so-tough times - whether it was Bailey's alcoholism or Sarah's despair over her adoptive parents' split. In doing so, they've learned everything about each other, good and bad, and when they reconnected, they did so at a time when they were wiser and more mature.

Now that their relationship has moved up a notch (translation: they had sex), they've maintained their friendship and continue to talk between rounds of tonsil hockey. Will it be smooth sailing from here on out? Hardly. Not with PARTY's penchant for tragedy. That's why we're rooting for this couple to beat the odds.
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