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As we all know too well, this has not been a stellar year for soap romances. In such bleak times, the quirky love affair of Stuart and Marian on AMC has been a heartening bright spot. This dynamic duo has all the makings of a successful soap pairing: true love, raging libidos and a major obstacle (Stuart's crafty twin, Adam). These two are not merely in love, they are lovable (not to mention side-splittingly funny).

The idea of pairing worldly Marian with unassuming Stuart seemed loopy, but it works. She brings out the appealing masculine charm in Stuart, while he arouses Marian's little-seen vulnerable side. It's a beautifully complementary relationship in which sweet Stuart teaches Marian about the simple things in life, and she uses her playfulness and creativity (the mermaid bit was a hoot) to keep things spicy.

The delightful Jennifer Bassey and David Canary have comedic prowess and a chemistry that makes this engaging romp a treat to watch. Kudos to AMC for giving new life to two long-time Pine Valley denizens...and giving all of us a reason to smile.
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