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We know them better than some members of our own family, we love them without reservation, and we missed them when they left us. That's why it's such a treat when popular characters return.

ALL MY CHILDREN's Dixie ditched Pidgeon Hollow to move back where she belongs, in Pine Valley. Thankfully, her relationship with ex-hubby Tad is as tempestuous as ever. Meanwhile, on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, Brad popped up and is helping Jack plot to take over Newman Enterprises and blow Victor out of the water. Kaboom.

Who would've imagined that Dylan, the rebel without a zip code, would return to BEVERLY HILLS, 90210? (Of course, he's toting enough emotional baggage to provide a week's worth of material for OPRAH.)

And this week on GENERAL HOSPITAL, our favorite mobster resettles in Port Charles. We can't wait to see what trouble Sonny will stir up - and who'll be keeping his bed warm this time around.

Yes, you can go home again.
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