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People have been playing mind games on soaps for eons, but '98 saw characters literally messing with other folks' gray matter. The result: Cornball plots that were so out there (and we don't mean THE X-FILES "out there"), we cringed.

Where to start? Well, how about DAYS OF OUR LIVES, where Stefano implanted a microchip in Vivian's tooth so he could control her emotions? (Can you say "manic depressive?") Or THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, where Doc Taylor was hypnotized by Bailey so she'd behave like a besotted sophomore when Pierce was within radar range.

Need more? GUIDING LIGHT's Annie spiked Josh's after-shave so he'd obey her command and pursue Cassie. And, leaving the "best" for last, there's ANOTHER WORLD's Lumina Foundation. Pay them a visit, and someone (probably Jordan) will touch you, say a few key words and voila - you're under their spell. Think of it as AW's version of the Vulcan mind meld/neck pinch. Ouch.
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