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The greatest thing about the Quartermaine family feud (aside from the fact that some of the funniest lines on daytime come out of this clan's arguments) is that there isn't just one faction fighting against another. From day to day, the teams change as one member aligns himself with another, only to find he's out in the cold the next. Just look at drug-addled Alan. Nearly a year ago, he was leading the battle cry to kick alcoholic A.J. out of the family...and now he's the one out on the street. And how about Ned? Once the apple of his greedy grandfather's eye, Ned is now being usurped for not being as ruthlessly focused as he once was.

But perhaps the most interesting facet of this dynastic discord is the ongoing animosity between former member Jason and the family Q. In this battle, the prize is not power or money, but the future of a little boy who is definitely part Quartermaine, but few really know how much. With Michael's true paternity looming on the horizon, you can bet things will get even hotter around the old mansion. Talk about feud for thought.
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