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First, a quick recap: Lucy and Kevin were engaged. Scott mourned his late wife, Dominique, until her spirit told him that it was time for him to move on. He did and fell for Eve. They made love. Eve and Lucy then contributed to the accident that left Scott's daughter, Serena, blind. Consequently, Scott dumped Eve, and Kevin left Lucy at the altar. After a hair-raising adventure in Florida, former lovers Scott and Lucy fell back into bed, and Kevin's dad, Victor, inadvertently threw his son and Eve together on a romantic date. Now, Lucy is Coe-habitating with Scott, but pining for Kevin. Eve likes Kevin, but still longs for Scotty. Lucy also had a moment when she thought she was pregnant with Scotty's baby and fell to pieces when she learned that she wasn't. Got all that?

All variations in this quadrangle are vibrant and dynamic (especially archrivals Lucy and Eve). And that is why this has been the most absorbing, involving, romantic tug of war of the year.
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