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Who? Exactly. There are reasons why a quadrangle works. One of the most important is audience investment - we care about the people involved. So what did AW do? Toss three recasts (Gary, Josie, Amanda) and a brand-new character (Cameron) into an adventure in Boca Lynda. This led to Cameron getting his sister-in-law Josie pregnant, and the two keeping the truth from their respective loves, Amanda and Gary.

Whether we liked Gary or Josie or Amanda before they were recast is of little consequence. How well their replacements are doing is beside the point. (Sandra Ferguson is reprising Amanda, but two other actresses played her while she was away.) We needed to get to know the new kids on the Bay City block. Isolating virtual strangers in their own story was a huge mistake. And shouldn't a quadrangle have all sorts of hormones running wild? Gary and Josie love each other. Cameron and Amanda love each other? Where's the conflict? There is none.
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