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It seemed that Todd Manning, a rapist and a murderer, had been redeemed. Until, that is, he successfully faked DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder) to avoid jail time for holding everyone hostage at the Buchanan lodge.

As fate would have it, someone had a cassette of Todd confessing that he faked the disorder. Ironically, that someone was Todd's little girl, Starr. With Sam's help, Starr innocently had the DJ play the tape at Todd and Téa's wedding reception. Result? Téa, Viki and Sam, the three people who believed in Todd most, were devastated and washed their hands of him.

Did we pity Todd? Maybe a little, but his charade proved that he didn't deserve love - or a happy ending. After good-byes to Viki and Sam, Todd hopped on a plane and was left to deal with the fact that he alone had ruined his life. Now, Todd is off somewhere finding himself, although OLTL has left the door open should his portrayer, Roger Howarth, decide to return. Till then, you gotta admit: Todd sure went out with a bang!
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