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When news broke of Vanessa Marcil's departure after nearly six years of playing Brenda, speculation as to just how the popular character would disappear from Port Charles grew fast and furious. Enter Brenda's presumed-dead mother, Veronica.

Loopy (although Brenda didn't know it), Veronica ultimately served as the vehicle for getting Brenda off the show. In what was supposed to be a gasp-inducing "death" scene, Veronica caused the car in which she and Brenda were riding to veer off a cliff while Jax watched high above from a helicopter. Dramatic? Yes. Shocking? No.

But what was even more disappointing was the aftermath of Brenda's demise. There was no moving funeral service, just flashback montages and an unseen memorial that various townspeople attended - but not Brenda's best friend, Lois, or her former love, Sonny. While we must give kudos to Ingo Rademacher for providing dramatic color to Jax's anguish over losing his beloved, fans felt robbed of the chance to say good-bye themselves, and that was a crying shame.
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