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Step aside, Brent/Marian! GL has a new exhibit in the Preposterous Plot Hall of Fame - and it beats the cross-dressing homicidal maniac, hands down. Just for fun, Reva secretly froze some of her eggs a while back. And it's a good thing, too, 'cause when she "died" last spring, Josh simply gave them to physical therapist/cloning pioneer Michael, and...presto! Instant Reva (just add growth serum and stir). Exactly how Michael produced a baby out of an egg and some Miracle Gro in the low-tech Spaulding lab, then raised it to full (im)maturity in under a month, we're not sure. But in this case, we're grateful GL kept things vague. At least it spared us the scene where a pubescent Dolly wakes up and realizes that she sprouted Reva's generous bosom overnight.
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