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Nov 28 2009, 06:56 PM


It seemed plausible that we would never get any inklings as to what happened to Hope in the four years that she was presumed dead. This is DAYS OF OUR LIVES, after all, where story points are often left unexplained. (How exactly does that chip in Vivian's tooth work?) But instead of ignoring the past, DAYS used it as a spring-board for an intriguing story that reaches far beyond Salem. The long-arc plotline, which has unfolded over the last six months, has answered every burning question about Hope's odyssey: Who was in the cage when it exploded over the vat of acid? Greta. Why was Hope called Gina when we first saw her in 1994? Stefano programmed her to act like Princess Gina. Where was Hope for all those years? Well...we're still waiting on that one. Even better? The reveals are far from over. DAYS is finally realizing that although outlandish tales are fun to watch, it's the ones closer to home (and show history) that really make it must-see TV.
Oh please. That story was wretched, LoL. (Well... not so wretched compared to the crap we get now, but you know what I mean.)
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