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The sun always shines brightly at the BEACH, so why are all the women walking around with their heads in the clouds?

Attention, Vanessa: Open your eyes! Virginia is not your friend. She "gave" you Martin's Syndrome and raped you with a kitchen utensil. Stop trusting her!

Yoo hoo, Gabi: The reason Father Antonio leers at you all the time and acts "odd" is because he's got the hots for you.

Pssst...Meg: Not a good idea to invite your fiance's gorgeous first wife to move in with you and your betrothed!

Yo, Maria: You remember how to make huevos rancheros, but you can't remember your own identity? We're not buying it.

Hey, Caitlin: How dumb are you? You've heard Mom slip dozens of times now, referring to herself as Trey's mother. Let's review: You know your mother was pregnant at the same time you were. You know Annie somehow acquired Trey as an infant for you to raise. C'mon girlfriend, you can put this one together.

Attention, BEACH execs: Beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive.
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