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It's amazing that tragic twosome Hayley and Mateo can muster the energy to get out of bed! After years of dodging danger, the Santoses finally seemed settled into a life of wedded bliss. Wrong! Psycho Jim tried to keep the couple from snooping 'round his doorstep by poisoning them with carbon monoxide, which caused Mateo to fall into a coma. He pulled through, only to be plagued by visions foretelling a gruesome death for Hayley.

Of course, Mateo was right. Enter psycho No. 2. Unbeknownst to the pair, their new pal, "John", was really Lee, a violent nut from Adam's past determined to kill his foe's daughter. Thanks to Lee's plotting, Hayley and Mateo lost their home and business in explosions, and eventually, Lee wound up poisoning Hayley with a toxic tattoo. That little gift caused liver problems, dashing her dreams of motherhood. If that wasn't bad enough, Raquel, the first wife that Mateo failed to mention, showed up. Turns out she's still married to Mateo and has the one thing Hayley can't give him - an adorable son. Sigh. If these two snap and open fire at the Valley Inn, we certainly won't point fingers.
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