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Cass's portrayer, Stephen Schnetzer, said it best: For a long time, Cass wasn't just on the back-burner - he fell off the stove. But this year, from the Embers in the Snow mystery to his budding, barbed romance with Southern charmer Lila, to his dealing with the Lumina Corporation, Cass came back with full force.

AW's scribes are finally writing to the character's strengths (witty repartee, silent longing, strong heroics) and giving Schnetzer material that he can sink his teeth into and deliver with believablility and (natch) gallons of charm. The return from storyline Siberia isn't an easy trek, but it's one that AW viewers are cheering. One of Bay City's most entertaining citizens, Cass still turns our heads, makes us laugh and leaves us wanting even more. Sure, he's been around for over 16 years, but we hope he's only just begun to realize his full potential.
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