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Don't get us wrong, we loved the special effects. But we have to ask - why bother spending all that money if you're not going to write a story to go with it?

BEACH reeled us in with flashy preview promos that predicted ominously, "Not everyone will survive." True, if you count the Richardses' maid, Lourdes, a hospital nurse and bit players Bruce, Philip and Melinda, who actually returned sans leg a few weeks later. No one cared about these peripheral people, certainly not the denizens of BEACH, who weren't even remotely affected by their gruesome deaths. Not a single funeral was held; not a tear was shed.

On the bright side, BEACH smartly paired archenemies Olivia/Annie, Gregory/A.J., Vanessa/Virginia and Michael/Tyus in harrowing predicaments that required them to join forces for survival. But once the ground stopped rumbling, all battles picked up exactly where they left off. No relationships were altered as a result of this disaster, leaving only damaged sets - and alas, no lives - in need of reconstruction.
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