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We knew there had to be a reason why Amanda became such a b...b...itch! Leave it to MP to tell why in its seventh season. Here's what we've learned so far: On the first episode, Matt died, leaving behind a journal filled with secrets about each of the old-time complex-dwellers. The entry on Amanda was so shocking that she tore out the page and burned it. We saw a grainy flashback of a man seemingly falling to his death. Before long, ex-con Eve blew into town whispering about a 15-year-old scandal that she and Amanda vowed to keep under wraps. When Kyle demanded answers, we learned what all the fuss was about. In high school, Amanda was attacked and nearly raped by a jock. Eve intervened and pushed the guy off the bleachers. Eve got 15 years behind bars, and Amanda got off scot-free. But the mystery's not over, as Peter begins probing into new wife Eve's murky past. In late January, Amanda will have a run-in with a vindictive member of the dead boy's family. This is getting good!
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