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The year started out so promising for Linda Dano's Felicia. One of her early novels, Embers in the Snow, was the springboard for a seriocomic mystery that kept everyone on their toes for several weeks and excited viewers. But Embers died and the plot became just another example of Carl's descent into madness.

Since then, how we've missed our beloved Felicia, who stands around listening to other people's problems. Zzzz. Some of the best scenes on AW involve the light bantering between Felicia and her best buddy, Cass. While we do like him with Lila, that relationship has reduced Felicia's presence.

Glamorous, glib, with a heart of gold, Felicia and her portrayer deserve a better fate. Felicia's purpose isn't to call people "darling" and wave a feather boa. If Cass can have adventures and love interests, so can she. Consigning Emmy-winner Dano to supporting status is a felony that Felicia would never force one of her storybook villains to commit.
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