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Remember when the creation of a baby was deemed a miracle? Daytime doesn't. There, a baby is nothing more than a burping, gurgling means to an end. On GUIDING LIGHT, Dinah, who ultimately miscarried, got pregnant by Rob to hang on to Hart. On ANOTHER WORLD, Lila got preggers by Matt to keep Shane, who ultimately died. On SUNSET BEACH, Virginia inseminated Vanessa to get her hooks into Michael. AS THE WORLD TURNS's Carly worked overtime to put a bun in her oven as a way to net $50 million. On ALL MY CHILDREN, Adam secretly played "insemination swap" to be the father of Liza's baby. And on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Nora had sex with her ex, Sam, because she'd already lied to hubby Bo that he was going to be a dad. Enough with the bargaining-chip baby-making. What ever happened to baby Jane or Jenny or Joey being created because Mom and Dad wanted to bring a new life into the world?
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