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Back in early 1997, this storyline would never have worked. The inseparable CarrieandAustin were DAYS's most popular star-crossed duo, and the demand for them to be together was overwhelming.

What a difference a year makes. Suddenly, these two don't seem so meant to be - and it has nothing to do with Sami's machinations. Dark horse Mike, in spite of being a perennial loser in love, has turned out to be a real contender for Carrie's affections.

What really makes this triangle work is that it makes sense. Carrie and Austin were young and in love, but were also virtually apart for three years before they pledged their troth. These two had never considered what effect the separation would have on their relationship. And Mike has succeeded in making Carrie realize that there's more to life than marrying your first love.

Ultimately, what makes this trio even more appealing is that there's no bad guy or wrong outcome. As it stands right now, Mike and Carrie feel extremely guilty about the kisses they've shared. Meanwhile, an in-the-dark Austin loves his wife so much, he's going to need a torch to help him see that she's a-strayin'. Just imagine the fireworks once Austin realizes what's really going down.

Anybody got a match?

(I have no idea what SOD was drinking when they wrote this one. Mike/Carrie was one of the worst pairings DAYS ever produced. It didn't work any better in 1998 than it would have in 1997.)
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