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On paper, it sounds like a classic drama: a hapless heroine torn between her adoring husband and his scheming kid brother. Then you read the fine print - and what once held such promise becomes a forced triangle contrived out of sheer implausibility. Would Ross really not tell Blake that he had a younger sib? (No.) Would Blake really cuckold Ross again? (No.) Would a moral zero like Ben really be so pouty about not having been breastfed? (No.) And would Blake really conquer her psychosomatic paralysis to save Ben's life after he secretly videotaped her, blackmailed her and withheld info on Kevin's paternity? (No! No! No!) Nothing about this triangle makes any sense, so none of its sub-configurations have any real rooting value. At this point, do we care who ends up with whom? (Uh, no.)
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