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Nov 28 2009, 08:23 PM
Back in early 1997, this storyline would never have worked. The inseparable CarrieandAustin were DAYS's most popular star-crossed duo, and the demand for them to be together was overwhelming.

What a difference a year makes. Suddenly, these two don't seem so meant to be - and it has nothing to do with Sami's machinations. Dark horse Mike, in spite of being a perennial loser in love, has turned out to be a real contender for Carrie's affections.
The only reason Austin and Carrie stopped being "meant to be" was because Sally Sussman Morina came in and completely ruined them. The way Austin ditched Carrie and shoved his head so far up Sami's ass wasn't believable at all.

As for Mike being an equal contender for Carrie's affections, that only happened because the writing for Austin and Carrie took such a sharp turn downwards. It's not as if Roark's chemistry with Christie really matched the chemistry she had with Austin Peck. I confess to liking Mike and Carrie for a while though. (Don't stone me!)
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