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You won't find Edmund Grey drowning his sorrows at the local watering hole. Though the stoic writer is still grieving the loss of his beloved wife Maria and coping as a single dad, he reaches out to others. Strong, noble and compassionate, Edmund forgave his half-brother, Dimitri, for sleeping with Maria and kidnapping their daughter, Maddie. And when Dimitri was down and out, Edmund took him in and helped the pariah rebuild his life. Kit is another outcast who Edmund has taken under his wing. He championed Kit's quest to prove that she is Jack's sister. Now, he's standing by as she recovers from a rape that not everyone is sure even took place.

Edmund's success as a character is due to the writers who have stayed true to his history (allowing Edmund's once-vengeful, roguish personality to reappear every now and then) and, of course, John Callahan's performance. On soaps, strong moral fiber can come across as wimpy and predictable, but Callahan never fails to pull it off with panache.
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