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When Brooke hired free spirit Amber as a live-in baby-sitter for Rick and Bridget, we had a hunch that she'd shake things up, but even we underestimated Amber's impact.

When the nubile nanny started parading around the house in those skimpy, barely there outfits, 16-year-old Rick's hormones went into overdrive. Fully aware that he had the hots for her, Ms. Blonde Ambition tried to parlay his crush into financial backing for her singing career. And boy, did Rick love her bedside manner.

Amber never planned on getting pregnant, but when she did, she saw dollar signs: Her baby was the key to opening the Forrester vault. (FYI: The kid might not be Rick's, but he's clueless thus far.) Brooke sees Amber as a shameless fortune hunter taking advantage of her son. (How ironic, since Stephanie has always accused Brooke of doing the same thing with Ridge!)

Cheeky Amber is alternately scheming, scared and sincere, so we find ourselves rooting for and against her as she tries to keep Rick under her spell. To put it in terms she'd understand: Amber rocks.
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