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Sure, anyone can leave Soap Town, U.S.A. for a while. You go someplace far away, like China, after being raped by your ex-hubby and exonerated in his shooting. When you come back, you're the same goody two-shoes doormat you always were. Not so, if your name is Marley Love.

AW made two key decisions when they revived the character. No. 1: They opted not to have the same actress play identical twins Vicky and Marley, which had been the case since Ellen Wheeler originated the roles in 1984. No. 2: AW rehired Wheeler as Marley and radically reshaped her personality. Twisted physically and psychologically after mom Donna ran her down and she was trapped in a fire, Marley fixated on her ex, Jake, plotting to do anything to get him back and ruin Vicky's life. Wheeler showed how far Marley could descend into madness, yet still appear for the most part sympathetic - the Marley that Vicky so desperately wanted back. In a year when many of AW's casting decisions were questioned, this was an undeniable bright spot.
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