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Getting rid of one major character is par for the course during a soap disaster. But killing two heroes? Unheard of, but that's what happened when both Shane and Michael died in a head-on collision.

Vicky's indecision about whether she loved hubby Jake or Shane had taken her to the remote cabin where Shane was working. After choosing Jake, she insisted that Shane drive her down the mountain, despite a snowstorm. Meanwhile, Vicky's dad, Michael, was headed up the same icy road to stop his daughter from making a big mistake. When the cars collided, worlds crumbled, leaving grief, recrimination and guilt in their wake.

Since Michael was a popular nice-guy and Donna's true love, his departure was heartbreaking. The loss of Shane (a relative newcomer) was less wrenching, but elicited much wailing and keening by ex-wife Lila and Vicky. After sitting through two weepy funerals, Bay City was wiped out - as were we. This was one of the hardest stories to watch in years.
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