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Jessica was, as she so aptly put it, "The poster child for virginity." And her boyfriend of three years, Cristian, agred to wait until Jess was ready. Nevertheless, after Jessica misread a hug between Cristian and Roseanne, the hurt teen and her new stepbrother, Will, got drunk and did the deed - without using protection. Soon, the normally happy Jess was moody, detached and pregnant. Viki sensed something was wrong, but daughter Jessica kept mum - until a car accident landed her in the hospital. After the truth was revealed, Clint was ready to kill Cristian (who lied that he was the daddy), and Viki broke down and cried. Their baby was going to have a baby.

Indeed. And it's all been horrendous for Jessica. Instead of attending Columbia University as planned, she has been dealing with issues of abortion and marriage, making this realistic tale of teen pregnancy anything but glamorous. It's also a grave reminder: After all, if this could happen to a good girl like Jess, it could happen to any girl.
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