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Theirs is a flawed romance, it's true. The relationship of Luke and Laura (as long-time viewers already knew and newer ones now know) was born of a violent act that both of them preferred to keep buried in the past. But to actually take the terrible truth - Luke raped Laura nearly 20 years ago - and unearth it, as GH's team of writers did this year, was a brave, risky task as complex as the assault itself.

When the rape originally occurred in 1979, it was treated by GH's then-powers-that-be as a "seduction". Because the crime was glossed over and Laura fell in love with and married her rapist, the challenge for the current regime was to translate the '70s interpretation into modern-day standards.

Deftly, the scribes initially revisited the rape through the eyes of Luke and Laura's son, Lucky, who learned about his father's heinous transgression during an argument with half-brother Nikolas. In one of the most emotionally wrenching and well-written scenes in daytime history, Luke was forced to confront the past by retracing that fateful night to Lucky, who had idolized his dad.

Soon after came another heartbreaking conversation, this time between Luke and Laura, in which they addressed the issues surrounding the rape that had privately plagued each of them for so many years. In purging their demons, the couple found a clearer road back to one another, but had to face the reality that their relationship with Lucky had been forever altered. Through it all, the stellar Anthony Geary (Luke) and Genie Francis (Laura) proved why they're still as popular today as they were nearly two decades ago. And Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) is, indeed, a chip off their acting block.

How brave GH was to take a dark chapter in its history and turn it into a storyline so compelling that we're still feeling the aftereffects. If only every show were as effective with its history lessons. GENERAL HOSPITAL, you get an A+.
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