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SUNSET BEACH never fails to shock, but this turkey of a story was nothing but a shocking failure. The convoluted plot - involving Virginia's impregnation of archrival Vanessa via a turkey baster filled with Tyus's stolen sperm - was an affront on every level. In one fell swoop, BEACH insulted infertile couples (Who knew getting pregnant was that easy?), women ("Time for Vanessa's date with Mr. Turkey Baster," leered Virginia) and African-Americans, who were left wondering how one of daytime's most interesting black triangles could have fallen so far, so fast. This misbegotten stunt, which did nothing for ratings, either, was also stomach-turning. While Virginia worked as a waitress at Ben and Meg's wedding over many scenes, her baster sat filled with sperm in a cabinet. Even a high-school biology student knows that sperm cells could not survive outside a protected environment for that length of time.

While we heartily thank the BEACH prop masters for supplying Virginia with a non-transparent baster to mask its contents, the ultimate revulsion was inflicted a few weeks into this story when we were treated to a clear, plastic cup filled with Vanessa's yellow urine, which Virginia needed to confirm the pregnancy. We understand that the low-rated BEACH has to push the envelope to draw attention to itself, but we sincerely hope the powers-that-be learned a lesson here. The only liquid we want to see in this show's future is ocean water crashing in on Seal Beach.
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