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How tragic it is to see the once-great ALL MY CHILDREN - which held the No. 2 spot in the Nielsens in 1992 and 1993 - now gasping for life with a dismal seventh-place rating.

AMC's decline is not only tragic, it's senseless. The show has an incredible stable of powerhouse performers, including David Canary (Adam/Stuart), Michael E. Knight (Tad) and Marcy Walker (Liza), to name just a few. But rather than use all its best talent, the show has opted to place other dynamos, such as Robin Mattson (Janet) and James Kiberd (Trevor) on the back-burner, where they languished in the tale of a dying pet. The always entertaining Palmer, as played by AMC veteran James Mitchell, was at long last dusted off, only to be tossed into a silly Nazi art story. And fan fave Susan Lucci (Erica), who began the year strongly with Bianca's anorexia story, was soon abandoned in a chatty love triangle with Mike and Jack. As for new faces, strangers Kit and Raquel have been thrust to the fore so quickly, the audience has barely had a chance to warm up to them.

Storyline-wise, the picture hasn't been much brighter. Cancer-stricken canines...bookend psychopaths (Jim and Lee)...a variety of visions (Mateo saw into the future, Tim and Janet saw Natalie's ghost, Camille made Adam think he was seeing things)...hackneyed stories borrowed from AMC's history (mysterious woman-in-white Camille reminded us of 1996's mysterious woman-in-white Skye; saucy, blonde con artist Kit hits town, stirs things up, gets raped and is thus redeemed...just like what happened to saucy, blonde con artist Gloria a few years ago). In some cases, the soap has even ripped off its very recent past. Ryan and Kit's howler of a drunken dirty dance on Halloween was eerily similar to Allie's cringe-worthy, booze-fueled hoofing a few months earlier. Memo to AMC: Viewers long for compelling tales that feature beloved favorites. As you know from your outstanding storytelling in the past: If you write it, they will come.
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