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Who'da thunk that a drama centered around film-quoting adolescents in a small New England town would be the stuff that intelligent, inspirational - and often heart-wrenching - drama is made of? No doubt that's why CREEK is must-see-TV for a new generation of soap fans, as well as seasoned suds watchers.

This season, Dawson's folks, Mitch and Gale, are still grappling with their troubled marriage. And unlike other youth-oriented dramas, CREEK features parents who are actually sexual beings and proud of it - even when Dawson isn't. Their rocky relationship is a constant reminder of how parents' problems can profoundly affect their childrens' lives.

That fact can't be underestimated, considering that children's lives - well, teenagers' lives - form the backbone, heart and soul of the show. To wit, things haven't gone smoothly for Dawson and Joey, who we sished could have been happy together (for a little while, at least). Unfortunately, teen angst has made that impossible. Joey is now facing the classic predicament of getting what she's always wanted and, thanks to a kiss from the new Capesider, Jack, not knowing what to do next. As for Jen, afer the death of her grandfather and her breakup with Dawson, she has reverted to her not-so-pure New York ways. Meanwhile, Pacey is alternating between feuding and flirting with the high-strung Andie, and revisiting his affair with his sexy, Mrs. Robinson-esque teacher.

As the CREEK characters grow in years and wisdom, viewers will be watching with anticipation to see what's next for our favorite New Englanders. Maybe Dawson will realize his dream and make a film about the CREEK gang. If not, it would make a fine TV series.
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