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The next time someone asks you what you like about soap operas, just tell them to watch Y&R.

This show has it all. Most importantly: Interesting, long-running characters placed in believable situations. 1) Young wife Sharon ignored her husband, Nick, so he wound up having a one-night stand on a business trip with a co-worker, something for which he was immediately sorry. 2) Bitter divorcee Nina is jealous of her ex-husband's skinny new wife, she she can't resist making cracks about her. 3) Chris and Paul can't stand his mother's meddling in everything from their apartment decor to when they plan to have a baby. 4) Neil is dating the boss's daughter, Victoria, and he was very torn when she asked him to lie to Victor when she entered the hospital.

See what we mean? Y&R's stories are character-driven, so there is no need for hokey plot devices. (You won't find a turkey baster within a mile of this show unless Miguel is making Thanksgiving dinner.) The stories don't come out of the desire for higher ratings (as if they would need to - the show has been No. 1 for over 500 weeks), they come out of character. Y&R respects its own rich history and mines it for everything it's worth. As a viewer, you never feel cheated that you've invested years in a beloved character, only to watch them turn on a dime. That doesn't happen in Genoa City.

Y&R is also full of surprises. Unlike other shows, its core charaters are on almost every day. Just because you don't see Nikki and Victor in the opening scenes doesn't mean they won't turn up in the second half of the show. Which means that every story inches along a little each day, and your favorites will be showcased.

It also offers a classic soap tag to every scene, which is something other shows rarely do anymore. Just before the commercial, a phone rings or a doorbell rings or a character says, "I have something to tell you." Of course, you are going to stay tuned - they make you.

Even better, Y&R has humor. You know if it's a Katherine/Jill day, or a Jack/Brad day or even a Chris/Nina day, you are probably going to laugh out loud. But most of all, Y&R has heart. You care about these people and what happens to them because someone on that show is probably going through the same thing you are. That is the mark of a great soap opera - and that's why we like this one so much.
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