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What is it about these two? We're supposed to be disgusted by them -- aren't we? After all, Gina is nothing but a gold-digger, right? Who can forget how Gina let Eden think she pulled the plug on her father's life support systerm? And wasn't Gina the one who possessed the evidence that could prove that Kelly killed Dylan Hartley in self-defense but, instead of turning it over to the police, blackmailed C.C. into marrying her for the second time -- keeping him from his beloved Sophia? And Keith. Well, he's sleaze personified. What can onel ife about a D.A. who gets perverse pleasure out of putting Cruz, an innocent man, behind bars for the rest of his life? Gina and Keith deserve to be hung by their toes from a chandelier and whipped with wet noodles, right? Wrong. They'd probably enjoy it. As hard as we try not to like these two, we do. Their scheming may cause much heartache for the Capwells, but many laughs for us. They're outrageous. They're campy. They like nothing better than to spend the afternoon in Gina's apartment thinking up new ways to use jello and whipped cream. There's never a dull moment with this duo.
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