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Didja hear the one about the minister, the club owner and the sex kitten? Yeah, it sounds like a joke and that, quite frankly, is what the triangle between Joey, Jen and Rex has been.

Neither pairing makes much sense. Jen wed bad boy Rex to make Rev. Joe jealous; then she married Joey, but secretly keeps turning to Rex. Huh? We'd buy her wishy-washiness if Jen had a defined connection with either man. However, Rex usually annoys her, and she has little in common with her holy hubby. We're having a hard time buying that Rex regards Jen as anything more than a trophy, or that Joey would go against his faith for her. As for Jen, she has cheated on (and alienated) both men!

In a good triangle, viewers are invested in both sides. When they care about neither, it's in poor shape.
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