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Mystical dancing babies, daydreaming orangutans...PASSIONS has a rep for telling bizarre tales. And in the supernatural world of Harmony, boogying babies and advanced primates almost make sense. But the final twist in Sheridan's kidnapping story was too much.

Luis, a police officer, scoured the town for his missing lover, when all the while she was stashed in the Wallace basement. He never suspected a smitten Beth's motives, nor did he realize that the "baby" Beth was carrying was really a sack of sugar. Still, we went along for the ride.

But the revelation that Beth's accomplice, Charlie, was really Sheridan's elderly dad, Alistair, in disguise took the story to outer limits. Are we to believe that the hard-living Crane patriarch can impersonate a strapping, relatively young woman? Who do we look like? Luis?
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