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Whether a recast was necessary (many agreed it wasn't) is irrelevant. So is the hoopla over his hiring (arguably symbolic of this shocking soap year) and the inevitable gossip that followed. Yes, Roger Howarth, the subject, is notoriously controversial.

But forget all of that for a minute and focus on this: Roger Howarth, the actor. Volatile, electric and disturbing, he is, quite simply, a force. The atmosphere seems to crackle when he enters a room; other characters bounce off him like with no one else. With help from the writers, Howarth completely reinvented Paul, yet ironically managed to make him exactly, at last, what he should be. Darkly threatening, oddly eccentric, emotionally awkward, he is undoubtedly the twisted product of Barbara and James, to the last twitching molecule.

Of course, you can never completely separate the actor from the hype, but anyone who sparks such passion has to be doing something right.

(This is such a load of crap. Howarth was the worst thing to happen to the character of Paul.)
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