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In a year in which GH struck gold with Dillon, it's amazing how poorly Lydia fared. When not one, but two actresses fail to sell a character to viewers in the space of a year, one must look beyond performance.

Perhaps Lydia was doomed from the start due to her insipid storyline as a bride imported by Stefan to provide an heir for an unwilling Nikolas. An island character, she never made crucial connections. Without the sass of a bad-ass like Faith, Lydia was someone we didn't even love to hate. Then, she switched sides and suddenly we were supposed to feel sympathy for her. Uh, no. She was a lackluster chick in a town filled with strong, feisty women.

Lydia may have been intriguing in theory, but the character never translated on-screen. To their credit, the writers realized their error: They sent Lydia and her designer duds packing.
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