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Quite frankly, Gus and Harley could read a phone book and we'd still be glued to our screens. That elusive, undefinable spark that soaps constantly search for emanates from every one of their interactions. Sometimes, it's just a glance that seems to make everyone else in the room disappear. Sometimes, it's their rapid-fire banter. But every time, Gus and Harley sizzle.

They're sexy. They're smart. They're strong. They're not afraid to call each other on their weaker points or show their vulnerable sides. Whether Gus and Harley are nuzzling in the bedroom, pounding the pavement looking for a bad guy or engaging in some friendly crime-fighting competition, it's perfectly clear that they have the art of romance down to a science.

(Gag me. Gus and Harley was one of the most overrated couples e-v-e-r.)
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