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No surprise here. This marks the third year Sheridan and Luis take this category, a soap classic. In 2000, their own stubbornness kept them apart. In 2002, Sheridan was presumed dead. And this year, well, she was stuck in a pit.

When 2003 began, the lovers planned to elope to save Sheridan from a loveless marriage to Luis's brother, Antonio. However, Luis's fiancee, Beth, thwarted their plan. Sheridan wed Antonio - then found out that she was expecting Luis's child. Beth teamed up with Charlie (really Sheridan's evil dad, Alistair, in disguise) to kidnap the Crane heiress and pass the baby off as her own. After months of searching for his missing soul mate (who was right under his nose), Luis (a cop!) rescued the drowning damsel. Now that Antonio finally knows the truth about their love, there's hope that the nail-biting anticipation is nearly over. In the meantime, viewers deserve the Most Patient Fans award!
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