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For way too long, Josh and portrayer Robert Newman's sublime, subtle charms have been overlooked. Thankfully, this year Josh found himself in the storyline spotlight, and we couldn't be more pleased with his move to center stage.

The first dramatic punch occurred when a car accident caused by Josh left son Shayne paralyzed and the Lewis marriage on the rocks. The meaty family conflict gave Newman great material. (Josh and Reva's marital knock-'em-out fights are always must-see TV.) And the many tentacles to this story - Josh's unique relationships with Shayne, Marah, Reva and Billy - have breathed new life into Mr. Lewis.

Now, with the family drama still simmering, Josh's mysterious past with Maryanne Carruthers has suddenly surfaced, and he's already embroiled in another tale. We give Josh's revitalization a standing ovation.
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