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Once upon a time, viewers watched a sweet kid named Ben grow up. He befriended Bill and Michelle, confided in dad Fletcher and listened to H.B. tell stories on the front porch. Given soaps' penchant for the extreme, Ben had a relatively stable childhood.

Fast-forward to 2003, when a vengeful serial killer stalked Springfield. As the body count rose, suspicion fell on Ben. After all, didn't he return home in 2001 as a slimy frat boy? When Ben committed suicide, friends finally uncovered his motivation: He'd been sexually abused as a teenager at boarding school.

Huh? Besides being a slap in the face to long-time viewers, this revelation had hardly any repercussions on the town that raised him. (Fletcher was a no-show during the denouement; Bill and Michelle's hotline is never mentioned.) This secret was so far out of left field that we had to cry foul.
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