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Oh, we of little faith. Having suffered through the two lackluster seasons that preceded the series finale, even the most loyal CREEK fans among us expected to be disappointed by the show's last installment. But Creator Kevin Williamson returned to deliver a tender, romantic, wildly satisfying two-hour reason to love the CREEK all over again. Using the series' trademark (a blatantly self-conscious tone) to simultaneously pay homage to dedicated fans while gently mocking its place in pop culture, Williamson gave his characters the send-off they deserved. But who are we kidding? None of that would have happened if Joey hadn't selected Pacey as her partner in happily-ever-after land. Those of us who've listened to the DVD commentary know how close we came to the alternative - she was, until the 11th hour, poised to choose Dawson - and can only breathe a sigh of relief. Disaster averted, again.
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