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It seemed like the foolproof formula for a successful prime-time soap: Take beautiful people, place them in a gorgeous California neighborhood, add romance and fights and voila! You've got suds. We have to praise THE O.C., however, for rising above our expectations. Yes, it's pretty to look at, but it also has some of the most interesting characters on nighttime TV. Teens Ryan, Seth, Marissa and Summer are all flawed and have passions; adults Sandy and Kirsten love each other, but argue over everyday things like work. Even resident bitch Julie is multifaceted, as she teeters between being a good mom to Marissa and a ruthless gold digger. Though everyone is involved in standard storylines like love triangles and corporate intrigue, we care enough about them so that everything seems new. We're thrilled to see this soap making waves. Returning to the Left Coast never felt so right.
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