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For far too long, we wondered what had happened to ALL MY CHILDREN. Story lines that started out wonderfully turned ridiculous. Longtime characters languished on the back burner and we found we no longer cared about them. Too many romantic duos lacked the zest necessary to become super couples. Though we didn't want to admit it, AMC had lost its spunk. Then, a new producer, Stephen Schenkel, came aboard and things started to turn around. Leading the pack of tightly written and beautifully executed stories was the Palmer/Natalie/Ross/Ellen quadrangle which set off several other provocative plots involving Ellen, Elizabeth and Julie. Equally intriguing was Nina's loss of Cliff and her impulsive decision to marry Matt; Mark's drug addiction and fear of AIDS; Erica's romance with Travis and her late-in-life pregnancy; and Brooke's new romance with Adam. These were, at last, stories and characters worth rooting for, and AMC became a soap worth tuning in to once again.
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