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Villain? Not our beloved Barbara, what with all the serial killers running around. But to quote one famous mama's boy, this mother - what's the phrase? - isn't quite herself these days. Twenty years of systematic psychological torture will do that to a person, and Colleen Zenk Pinter - so poignant in her desperation, so sublime as she wavers between fiercely maternal and, frankly, mad - never let us forget why Barbara is who she is. Whether hiring first an old friend, then a hit man to rid one son of his undesirable fiancee, or framing the other for a crime, her motivation was clear and frighteningly familiar as any of the maniacal matriarchs from Greek tragedy to Shakespeare: She will do anything to keep her children close, even if it means twisting the apron strings into a noose, the better to strangle them with love. Villain? God help her, she's the mother of them all.
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