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We were thrilled when OLTL brought back Mitch, the scoundrel who wreaked havoc in the '80s. This time, however, he was a shell of his former self, although it wasn't the fault of his talented performer, Roscoe Born. Mitch was menacing, as he caused trouble for Natalie, Viki, Blair, et al. And there was the fascinating reveal that he, not Clint, fathered Jessica. But when it came to giving him a story, we kept getting dead ends. What happened with that diamond he was after? What was the history behind his and Dorian's surprise marriage? Add to that OLTL bombarding us with one plot after another: He's Nat's husband! He wants to bond with Jess! He brought back the "deceased" Victor! He's blind! He's murdered! What a confusing mess. The fact that the show still hasn't revealed who killed Mitch says it all: This character was DOA.
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