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I still watch the show every night, have loved it since the first episode.Have always felt they were a down to earth low-income family like so many of us.That's what made it so believable.No one lives like 'The Wally and the Beaver' anymore. Plus June and Ward Celver were sickeningly squeaky clean. Boys these days don't wear suits anymore. I recall the episode when Walley wanted to buy his own suit (Just isn't happening now). Jeans and T-shirts, jeans so long, their butt cracks are in view. I just want to saying to them :PULL UP YOUR PANTS...or GET A BELT!!!
June's whtie pearl necklace was worn on every episode.
That's what I loved about Roseanne, often her hair was a mess, or she wore no makeup at all. I always felt at home when I watched them in their home interacting. Darlene was a pistol. Loved those episodes when she was into Goth., and toward the dark period of her life. Loved the clips posted. One of my fav. was when Dan Roseanne and Jackie were smoking weed in the john. Roseanne kept saying to Dan: "Birds, birds, birds"...that still makes me laugh. Then when Jackie opened the shower drape she didt the funniest acting, I nearly split a gut.
Loved when all the women geneation surrounded David and Darlene's new baby when she was near death. I cried when she became healthy again.
There'll never be a show like it again.
I'm an older woman with 2 son's in their 30's and we've always been able to talk openly about anything...and it wouldn't change my love for them if they were gay or whatever they ventured to do it their lives.
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