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It's a risky entry, and may end up being the last straw for the "Carjackers," but we had to make one last show of support for ATWT's own audacious, unpopular venture.

Triangles usually work best when all sides are equal, because divisiveness and uncertainty hold interest. This one compelled because it was uneven. Of course, Julia never stood a chance. And though we wouldn't describe ourselves as "Julia defenders", as has been implied online (more like "Julia sympathizers"), it made sense for her to fall for this perfect guy; for Jack, in an amnesiac's haze, to cling to the one thing - family - he instinctively sought; for Carly to be in the frustrating position of reminding him that his heart unequivocally belonged to her.

ATWT showcased three actors at the top of their game, playing three characters with legitimate claims and gambled big. For what it's worth, we think it paid off.
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