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With Cameron Mathison's (Ryan) 2003 return, we anticipated a tantilizing triangle with Kendall and Greenlee, rivals-turned-best friends who each had a rich history with Lavery.

But a truly heartfelt tug-of-war never materialized. Instead, Kendall and Greenlee turned against each other, stooping to such inane lows in their bid for Ryan that we found ourselves hoping he'd say sayonara to both of them. Then again, Ryan was written so pompously, it was difficult to discern why the women craved his affections in the first place.

By the time Ryan finally picked Greenlee, it seemed like AMC had plucked her name out of a hat and shoehorned the story to fit that outcome (Ryan gets psychic messages from Greenlee: It must be true love!), as opposed to her emerging organically as the right choice for Ryan.

Take comfort, Kendall, viewers were the real losers in this triangle.
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